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Client's Feedback

I feel much more confident

After many months of feeling lost in my career direction and unsettled in my life, I sought Steffi’s help. From the first session Steffi created an open, trusting and respectful atmosphere, making it easier to discuss quite personal aspects of my life. Steffi formulated a plan for our next sessions to focus on different areas of my life in order to finally come around to working on my short and long term career and life goals. The exercises we worked through were unusual, visual, sometimes emotional, and ultimately effective. I walked out of our last session with a clear plan and timeframe and now feel much more confident, settled and in control of the direction of my life. Thank you Steffi for helping me through this process!

R.C., Expatriate, Oil and Gas Industry

Austria - New Zealand

A very clear Picture

Mrs. Baermann supported me during a serious job-related change process and enabled me with diverse methods to the right decision. It was fascinating by what means we created a very clear picture. Looking back I know the decision was right and I am very happy to have taken the advantage of Mrs. Baermann’s help. Lots of thanks for the professional support!

M.R., Managing Director, Beverage Industry

Austria - Romania - Eastern Europe

A Vision that I am very excited about

Steffi's coaching style is collaborative, warm, trusting and strengths-based. She was focused and I felt she connected head and heart thinking in a very smart and strategic way. I was able to prioritize some of my next steps. I was reminded of a way to connect with myself in a practical and creative way - a way that helps me organize my thoughts and stay connected to my vision. I also was reminded that a trusting relationship can be built across miles and over Skype - we had a very trusting connection. I loved her style, her questions, her focus, her succinctness. I am at the beginning of a significant shift in my journey. Steffi was able to help me obtain clarity about my next steps and see a vision that I am very excited about. I really enjoyed having Steffi as my coach.

M.T., Certified Executive Coach, Senior Consultant


Meaningful Results

It was already a burning need for a few months to identify and concretize new ways for a career change. But only through the coaching block with Steffi I was able to formulate goals for this change, a realistic timetable with milestones and I was able to visualize it. How did it come to this wonderful result? During the coaching sessions Steffi has listened actively, asked specific questions, using metaphors/ images and other creative methods. And best of all, Steffi has always matched these techniques with me, my needs and feelings. In short: structured, constructive and purposeful conversations with Steffi, in a pleasant atmosphere, have enriched me personally and professionally and meanwhile brought meaningful results.

U.M., HR-Senior Consultant, Bank Industry


Creative new Ideas and Initiatives

Steffi is a passionate and talented trainer and coach. She gives you 100% of her energy while working with you and brings in creative new ideas and initiatives. She will always go the extra mile to look for ways to improve something and give you your money's worth. In addition, she is full of optimism and joy, just a wonderful person to be around. I would strongly recommend Steffi as coach and trainer.

P. N., Managing Partner, International Consulting Group

Austria - Iran

Spacious, attentive and precise Coaching

I enjoyed spacious, attentive and precise coaching from an experienced and skilful Coach. Steffi provided a really strong container that allowed me to have the combination of freedom to explore and clear focus on goals. I learned a lot from having Coaching from Steffi - in particular how powerful quietness and space used well can be. I moved significantly forward with all of my coaching goal - I'm very happy with my focus particularly with having a much clearer idea of my future plans. I would highly recommend Steffi as a Coach.

C.A., Leadership Coach, former Third Sector CEO

United Kingdom

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