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Clients & Feedback

I had/have the pleasure of working with international executives and team members, as well as internationally working entrepreneurs from diverse industries (IT, Banks, Beverage industry, Energy sector, Food producers, Consulting, Education).

To give you an insight into my work, here is an overview of topics and clients

  • Development of internal Coach, Trainer, Moderator Pools

    • Atieh Group, Tehran/ Iran, Erber AG, Herzogenburg/ Austria, Verwaltungsakademie der Stadt Graz in cooperation with bit management

  • (virtuelle) Team Development incl. Team Coaching

    • Ardex Baustoff GmbH, Vienna/ Austria – Bratislava/ Slovakia, European Patent Office, Vienna/ Austria, Konica Minolta Academy, Langenhagen/ Germany, Tehran Institute of Technology (MFT)/ Iran in cooperation with TAFE NSW/ Australia, Vienna International School, Vienna / Austria

  • Management Development

    • German Iranian Chamber of Industry & Commerce Tehran/ Iran, Houses for Life, Vienna/ Austria, Minolta Academy, Langenhagen/ Germany

  • Individual Management & Career Support

    • Rauch AG, RZB AG, Strabag AG, OMV AG, Erber Group, Atieh Group, Amnesty International

I feel much more confident

After many months of feeling lost in my career direction and unsettled in my life, I sought Steffi’s help. From the first session Steffi created an open, trusting and respectful atmosphere, making it easier to discuss quite personal aspects of my life. Steffi formulated a plan for our next sessions to focus on different areas of my life in order to finally come around to working on my short and long term career and life goals. The exercises we worked through were unusual, visual, sometimes emotional, and ultimately effective. I walked out of our last session with a clear plan and timeframe and now feel much more confident, settled and in control of the direction of my life. Thank you Steffi for helping me through this process!

R.C., Expatriate, Oil and Gas Industry

Austria - New Zealand

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