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About Steffi Bärmann

After almost 10 years as an independent Human Resources Development Manager and Think Coach with clients worldwide, I have been applying my knowledge to my work at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna since 2016. I develop and teach in the areas of personnel development, training and coaching. The combination of research and practice is thereby essential.

Here now some additional Information:

Since 2015 I have been a member of the International Coach Federation, ICF - Austrian Chapter, in 2016 I was President and currently (2020/2021) I am Director Administration.

Professional Journey


Before I have started my HRD & Coaching Career I have worked for following companies - mainly in the education and banking sector:


  • Samco Capital Tehran Office/ Iran

  • Raiffeisen Central Bank Austria AG Vienna/ Austria

  • UNIPORT – Career Center of the University of Vienna/ Austria

  • RedEd – former Ueberreuter Managerakademie Vienna/ Austria

  • Citibank International Plc Vienna/ Austria

  • Siemens AG Regensburg/ Germany

  • Regional Television Regensburg/ Germany


Geographical Journey


  • 13 years in Schwaan/ former GDR-Eastern Germany

  • 7 years Rostock/ former GDR

  • 2 years Regensburg/ Germany

  • 11 years Vienna/ Austria

  • 3 years Tehran/ Iran

  • 6 month in Helsinki/ Finland

  • since March 2012 back in Austria


Active Memberships


  • International Coach Federation - Austrian Chapter

  • ExpatCoach Association

  • Diversity Charta WKO

Experiences with strong impact in my life


  • Being world champion in Handball with the age of 18

  • The fall of the wall (GDR – GER) and coping with a completely new contradicting culture, while staying in the same city and living in the same street

  • Stopping my studies (in my home country) in order to study something completely new (in another country) without support and while working, because I wanted to change my way of living, my direction

  • Being married with an Iranian/ Austrian world traveller. We share the same passion about other countries and cultures as well as we learn from each other what it means coming from a different culture.

  • Building a coaching business in Iran, where this word was more or less unknown and everyone was suggesting me to change into a trading business, but I stayed positive and happily succeeded

  • Becoming a mother of (meanwhile) two lovely and also challenging girls, they make me grow, while I try to grow them

Educational Journey (an excerpt)


  • Doctoral Candidate, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland/ International Cooperative Cross-Border Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Educational & Communication Sciences/ Topic "Trust of self-directed-learners in the use of artificial intelligence"

  • MEd, Master of Education, Interuniversitäres Kolleg for Health and Development Graz / Schloss Seggau in cooperation with Universidad Central de Nicaragua

  • MSc in Business Administration (consecutive), Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria/ Specialized in International Organisational Behaviour, Change Management and Management Development, – Project Management



  • Certified Adult Educator (certified by wba Austria), at WBA, Austria

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (certified by International Coach Federation), at International Coach Federation, USA

  • Business Coach, at Corporate Consult, Austria

  • Communication and Business Trainer, at Corporate Consult, Austria

  • Moderation/ Facilitation, at Corporate Consult, Austria

  • Life and Social Counsellor i.t.u.s., at Team Winter, Austria

  • NLP-Practitioner (accredited by ÖVNLP, DVNLP, DGNLPt.), at Team Winter, Austria

  • Robbins-Mandanes Certification Student: Stratetic Intervention Coaching, Core Training, at Robbins Mandanes Training, USA

  • Using AI for HR Certified, issued by Future Workplace

  • Certified DiSC Trainer, at iiLS Institute of innovative Learning Systems, Austria

  • Cultural Detective Facllitator Certification Workshop – Special Focus on the Middle East, at Atieh International GmbH and Dianne Hofner Saphiere – Creator of the Cultural Detective® Series, Austria

  • Junior Project Manager (IPMA Level D), at PMA Austria

Courses (min. length 2 days)

  • The Pulse of Coaching, Group Mentoring Program, Mentor Coaches Ltd. Bulgaria

  • E-Portfolio, at FH Joanneum Graz, Austria

  • Supporting Continuous Independent Learning, at Centre for Modern Workplace Learning, Jane Hart, UK

  • ICF Competency Brush-Up Program, Amorah Ross, Master Certified Coach at Positive Life Works, USA

  • Designing Coaching Programs, at Frank Bresser Consulting, Germany

  • Results Team Coach (accredited by the ICF), at Results Coaching System, Finland

  • Systemic Methods for Team Coaching and Team Mediation (Beatrice Pacher, Waltraud Schachner), at WiFi Vienna, Austria

  • Speed Coaching (Thomas Nagy), at WiFi Vienna, Austria

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